Pasta Makers 101: Manual or Automatic?

pasta maker box
My pasta machine

I spend all day using computers and gadgets, so when it’s time to make pasta in the kitchen, I like to go ‘old school’ with a manual pasta maker. There’s nothing wrong with using an automatic pasta maker though and a lot of the nicer models have tons of features.

Besides the difference in price, there are pros and cons either way you go. For example, manual pasta makers involve more work, but automatic ones can be a bit technical. If you’re choosing between a manual or automatic pasta maker, here are a few things to consider:

Manual Pasta Makers

Less expensive
More traditional pasta making machine
More tactile experience, you get a feel for the dough
Easy to use
Needs to be clamped to the counter for more stability
Involves manual labor
Leaves only one hand free to handle pasta, since the other one is turning the handle

Automatic or Electronic Pasta Makers

More convenient
Allows you to use two hands to handle pasta
Doesn’t need to be clamped down

Usually more expensive
Instructions and attachments can make it more technical & harder to use
Some are made of plastic, which is less durable
May be harder to clean

What about you? Where do you stand when it comes to manual vs. automatic? Pasta makers are getting more sophisticated and it’s nice to have lots of options, but I think I’ll stick to my luddite tendencies for now. I use something similar to the one shown above.

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